Brazil Vessel Lineup and Shipments

For the past week Brazil shipped 280k MT meal/pellets, 752k MT of corn, and 621k MT of soybeans.

Soybean shipments are up dramatically vs last week at 262k MT and this is the highest levels since September 28th. Soybeans in the lineup have also increased sharply over the past week to 8.7 MMT vs 5.8 MMT last week.

Corn shipments continue to be strong however the lineup has fallen to 1.8 MMT vs 3.6 MMT last week. USDA raised their 14/15 corn export number to 33 MMT on last week’s report but according to lineup data shipments are still 1.68 MMT higher at 34.7 MMT for the marketing year. USDA did also raise their 15/16 estimate from 25.5 to 28 MMT so some of these strong shipments late in the marketing year might be accounted for on the 15/16 balance sheet depending on how delayed the Brazilian customs data is.

Paranagua wait time is out to 45 days now.


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