AgTraderTalk Package is your independent third party resource for market information. Whether you are a Fund Manager, Professional Trader from inside or outside of the trading pits or a Elevator Grain Departments, we provide the pulse of the market. AgTraderTalk’s client base covers five continents. Whether you are a soybean trader in Sao Paulo, a feed manager in China, a wheat trader in Australia or a fund manager in the US, we are your source for market information and research. is a fee based subscription service which provides market commentary directly to your email inbox, saving you and/or your key employees’ time within your busy daily schedule. Fees are billed quarterly and are based on the size of your business.

We help you prepare for government reports by providing historical information so that you can make your trading decision. Our service provides both technical and fundamental aspects of the market while also giving you a handle on the “chatter” in the cash markets, a measured value not tied to a trading commission. Allow us to be part of your research division.