‘”The technical and fundamental information that AgTraderTalk provides is much different from what I receive from other trading houses. AgTraderTalk blends technical analysis and fundamental facts in forming opinions on flat price direction, and mos important to me is spread analysis, which includes butterfly spreads. “
RJ – Professional Trader, Chicago, IL

”2005 was my first full year in the ag markets. The transition from equity trader to ag spreader was not an easy one. I would like to thank you for your time and patience during the past year in helping me to make it a successful one. As long as I am trading, you will have my business. “
JB – Professional Trader, Kansas City, MO

”AgTraderTalk has an added value to our positions in hedging and spread trades. We have been a client of AgTraderTalk since the beginning and have great faith in their recommendations.”
JS – Grain Division manager

“I’ve been in the grain business since 1978, starting out at ADM Decatur.  You put out a top notch product.”
DL – Professional Trader, Memphis, TN   October 2012

“You guys at AgTraderTalk are some of the hardest working guys I know.  Really appreciate the info you send out.”
DD – Professional Trader, Chicago, IL   January 2013

“I’ve been meaning to send you a note here at the end of the year to say how much we appreciate the work you do and the effort you put into the markets and the service you provide.  It’s quite insightful, timely and it very much supplements the work we try to perform here regarding global supply and demand, trade flows and the country grids.  The adjustment from a commercial firm to the asset management space is a tough one and one of my greatest concerns in making the move is that I would not have the connection to the “roots” of the business in the new setting.  So the service you provide really helps in that respect.”
– Professional Trader, CT   December 2012

“AgTraderTalk has been a consistent and reliable source for news, analysis and info that I use daily.  Keep up the great work!!!”
-Professional Trader, CO   March 2013 (Client since 2005)

“You always do great work but for whatever reason, the last 2 weeks have been outstanding.  Truly world class.  You may not know but I’ve worked for major commercials for 16 years and for a small shop, the level of research you do is really outstanding.  We subscribe to a lot as you can imagine (the usual suspects) and put you at the top of the list in terms of real detailed relevant research.”
-GB, Professional Trader, CO April 2013